Phoenix Chore Day Wears Us Out

8 Dec
Posted in: Arizona
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You’re probably thinking: “Paul, sleeping in a van is probably the most comfortable thing ever, how could you ever improve it?” Well, let’s talk about that.

Our tricked-out van platform bed is great … but it’s hardwood. Literally hardwood. And descriptively hard, really hard … and wooden. On top of it, we had an old futon mattress and a memory foam pad. No longer. The tired, old futon couldn’t hold us up anymore. We’d push through it every night when sleeping on our sides. Lisa’s hips have been falling asleep, somehow something happens with my elbows resting on it while I sleep on my back and it makes my arms fall asleep — it’s not comfortable.

Enter the Ikea in Phoenix.

Ikea, please help us sleep.

Ikea, please help us sleep.

So, yay, a new mattress! Can’t wait to sleep a little more comfortably. We’ve been at a hotel the last couple nights and honestly miss the van. Hotels, with their fans and noises and … pot-smoking neighbors, just aren’t that restful. Especially the cheap-ass ones we’ve been at.

But, boy, trekking around the suburban sprawl makes for a long day. We got the mattress, a car-wash, some groceries, donated our old mattress to Salvation Army … basically we crossed Phoenix about a billion times. Too much. We need to get back into the boons. We’re worn out, but at least now we’ll be able to rest.