Anniversary Celebrations!

30 Nov
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We’ve been on our trip for about two months now! As the months turn, we have a lot to celebrate:

  • On 9/30, we spent our last day at our corporate jobs.
  • On 10/1, we left Chicago, our home for over 8 years, and started our travels.
  • On 9/2, we closed the sale of our Chicago condo, clearing our last financial hurdle.

So today we celebrate 2 months of not having a ‘real’ job. Tomorrow we celebrate 2 months of travel. Friday we celebrate 3 months of being homeless!

We’ve had a great time cooking without a kitchen while camping, figuring out Arizona, sampling Mexican hot dogs,and tracking down tasty tacos. We’ve been to Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, Ohio, New York, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, and Arizona. More to come — we’ve got a lot more adventuring to do!

An unpredictable road -- just like ours.

An unpredictable road -- just like ours.