Budapest Inspiration from @RickSteves, @AsWeTravel, and @nomadicmatt

5 Mar
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We’re in the early stages of planning a return trip to Europe. Brussels, Amsterdam, and Bruges are on the list. Where else? We’re thinking Budapest.

Lisa first caught the Budapest bug in London. One of our London buddies had recently visited Budapest and loved it. His stories planted the seed. Once it was on our minds, we started seeing the city mentioned everywhere! Here’s a list of people who have inspired us to visit Budapest:

Rick Steves

Have you seen the “Best of Hungary” episode? We just watched it again. I didn’t even realize Rick Steves was on Hulu, but Hulu knew we needed to see this episode and popped it in front of us one day.  I guess that’s a win for online targeting.

The temptation? The Hungarian State Opera House.

This sumptuous temple to music is one of Europe’s finest opera houses. You can drop in anytime the box office is open to ogle the ostentatious lobby, or take a tour to see the lavish auditorium. Consider taking in an opera by one of the best companies in Europe, in one of Europe’s loveliest opera houses, for bargain prices.

We will ogle the lobby.

Sofia and Nathan from

Sofia and Nathan created this Budapest video on YouTube and wrote a great 24-hour guide to Budapest here.

What are we most excited about? Pálinka for breakfast the and free guided tour:

The Free Budapest Walking Tour starts at 10.30 am and goes on for about 3 hours, and the guides are local students looking to get some extra cash (they get paid by tip). The goal of this walking tour is to discover and experience Budapest through the eyes of the insiders, to bring to life streets, bridges and statues.

Sounds perfect.

Nomadic Matt

According to Nomadic Matt, not only is Budapest an affordable travel destination, it’s the home of one of his favorite hostels, Aboriginal.

But it’s not the hostel scene we’re looking forward to — we can’t wait to visit the city’s Ruin Bars:

These bars are built in Budapest’s old District VII neighborhood (the old Jewish quarter) in the ruins (hence the name) of abandoned buildings, stores, or lots. This neighborhood was left to decay after World War II so it was a perfect place to develop an underground bar scene.

Awesome? Yes.

Beautiful Budapest [Photo: Marco Martins-Costa]

Beautiful Budapest [Photo: Marco Martins-Costa]

Want to suggest another destination in the Brussels-Budapest vicinity? Leave us a comment.