So Far, Not So Smooth

29 Oct
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Our re-introduction to non-transient society has not been smooth. We arrived in Trumansburg on Friday to find our place still under construction (wet carpet, wet paint, wet roof). We ended up camping in the Finger Lakes National Forest instead, where we had our first rowdy camper expedience of the trip — our neighbors arrived drunk at 1AM, set up their tent in the rain, and attempted to start a bonfire using the wet wood and … wait for it … Captain Morgan rum. So we were up for a bit of the night. But it wasn’t all bad — I picked up a deer tick and got bit in the ass. Fitting.

Meanwhile on Friday, our Time Warner contractor unsuccessfully installed our cable modem. It doesn’t work. We watched him watch the blinking lights for about an hour. It doesn’t connect to the interwebs. “Leave it on,” he told us. “It might connect.” Sure. The official Time Warner tech is coming out to fix it Tuesday, just in time for Hurricane Sandy.

So we might get internet on Tuesday … or we might not. We may not even have power on Tuesday. Trumansburg is right along the projected hurricane path. Wonderful!

But it hasn’t been all bad. The local bar has 2-for-1 drinks during their seemingly continuous happy hour. The local grocery store is entertaining and well-stocked. Our place is warm, our carpets are now dry, all of our stuff is inside under a half-finished roof that hasn’t yet leaked. We’ve already started an “out” pile. We’ve decided next time we move, we’re going to write down WHY we’re getting rid of something. (Honestly, why did we throw away our Brita and our toaster? I have no idea.) We’re piling empty boxes in the back of our van to get them out of the house and we’re starting to see a lot of floor.

Last night, we were able to watch old episodes of Northern Exposure on our TV. Some of the jokes cut a little deep.

The storm before the storm before hopefully some calm.

The storm before the storm before hopefully some calm.