Chicken Riggies

9 Oct
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I really love discovering regional dishes (like the Sonoran hot dog and Binghamton Spiedie), what’s wonderful is that we’re STILL discovering fun, regional dishes, like chicken riggies, in places that we’ve been countless times. Well, I am at least. Lisa’s had this one.

Chicken riggies is from the Utica/Rome, New York area. It’s chicken, rigatoni (the “riggies,” natch), hot or sweet peppers, and creamy tomato sauce. It’s tasty, and I’ve never seen it anywhere else.

We’ve been to the Canal View Cafe in Sylvan Beach before, but I’ve never noticed the riggies. Never noticed the Utica greens either, but that’ll have to be another post. Riggies caught my eye. I had to had them, spicy, of course, and they hit the spot. Next time I’ll get the Utica greens.

Chicken Riggies!

Chicken Riggies!