Queen Jennie Sorghum Whiskey | Old Sugar Distillery, Madison, Wisconsin

Sorghum whiskey … um. Well. I’ve had sorghum beer – don’t really like it. I have gluten-free friends – like them OK. Sorghum whiskey? I’m impressed.

Old Sugar Distillery, Madison, WI

Old Sugar Distillery, Madison, WI

First, it’s different. Distill booze to uber-proof, age it in an oak barrel, and water it down to selling-strength – you’d think the essence of the original grain would be pretty much demolished at that point. But corn whiskey still tastes corn-y and peat-smoke dried barley still tastes peat-y. Something is going on there. I can’t really describe it. Old Sugar Distillery in Madison makes this with 100% Wisconsin sorghum and ages it in midwestern oak barrels.

It tastes … different. And smooth. Really smooth. New whiskeys can be harsh and young, but Queen Jennie is so smooth it stands out. Maybe it’s the sorghum? No idea. I like it. But I’m happy with one glass of it. The $35 bottle will have to wait for another time. We’re running hot on our budget and need to consider some alternatives.

The next day I see Barton’s whiskey at a local liquor store. $7 for the bottle. Things ain’t that tight. And I don’t need to be either.

Queen Jennie Sorghum Whiskey

Queen Jennie Sorghum Whiskey

  • Did you ever try Templeton Rye? I can’t remember if you ordered one at the bar with me.

    • I have had it — but I’m not sure if we’ve had it together.  It’s good stuff!

  • 3500leavitt

    For god’s sake man, how was the $7 whiskey?

  • Coultl

    Love the photo.