Local London pub update: allegiances shift to The Fox!

19 Sep

Things were going OK in our relationship with our local pub, the Prince Arthur. We visited three days in a row and got friendly with the staff. We were charged for something we didn’t order the first day, but didn’t worry too much about it (it was just a couple £s). Then, the third day, we were charged for about six extra drinks. I thought I had the problem fixed, but after we walked away I realized we’d still paid for one drink too many (about £5). Ugh. The Prince Arthur had lost me.

Helping settle matters was our trip the next day to The Fox, which was recently converted from a shady (in a bad way) old pub into a sparkling new “gastro”pub. The food is amazing (the herb-y mushrooms and blue cheese on toast starter: something I could happily eat every single day), the beer list is interesting (everything from English microbrews to Chicago’s own Goose Island), there are even three microciders on tap (including my new favorite, Sandford Orchards‘ Scrumpy), and due to that recently shady past, it’s not too busy (yet). There’s a great roof deck and the inside is filled with the charming blend of mismatched, scruffy furniture that seems so popular here. It’s cute and tasty and I love it.

Paul’s going to have to bribe me to go back to the Prince Arthur. The Fox is my new local pub of choice.

My new favorite cider in my new favorite pub. Life remains good.

My new favorite cider in my new favorite pub. Life remains good (cell phone camera remains crappy).