Now Entering Colorado!

27 Aug
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Man, I was so excited to be back in Colorado. Even the billboards were excited for us to arrive — “Real beer is worth the drive,” they proclaimed. Soon we’d be able to buy Fat Tire beer, Lisa’s favorite.

Dinosaur, Colorado.

Dinosaur, Colorado.

Our first stop: Dinosaur, Colorado. We checked it out on Google Maps. There’s Brontosaurus Boulevard, Stegosaurus Way, Triceratops Terrace. How cute, right?

Well … Dinosaur, Colorado is a bit of a shithole, actually. Vernal really out-does the place. Yes, Dinosaur has the name, but Vernal has the museum, the Dinosaur Museum. Vernal has the good taco spot. Dinosaur has a gas station and an adult bookstore. Sure, they sell real beer, but they don’t have much else. Utah wins this round.