Looks Like Somebody Has a Case of the Mondays

3 Oct
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Monday … that’s a work day, right?  It hasn’t sunk in yet that it isn’t.  This Monday, there will be no riding the Brown Line, no $2 coffee at the Merchandise Mart, no elevator rides, badge swiping, revolving doors … no commute.  And no lunch at the desk, conference calls, Outlook reminders … no cubicles.  But there will be no after-work beers, lunches with friends, office jokes … direct-deposit paychecks.  It’s going to be different.

Friday, I felt like the main character of one of those cop movies — I turned in my badge.  But instead of a stamp of metal, it was a Dell laptop, bathroom key, security pass, and power cord.

Turn in your badge and weapon.

"Turn in your badge and weapon."

Honestly, it’s been weird.  I feel a bit like the soldiers that say, “I didn’t do anything — it was the training.” We’re out of Chicago, and it’s all due to our planning.  I don’t feel like I’m making decisions — I’ve made these decisions.  They’re just playing out now, and I’m just watching them.  That should change soon as my perception catches up with my reality.

So while somebody may have a case of the Mondays … it’s not me.


  • As someone who has a big case of the Mondays, that started last evening, I just have this to say:  PBBBBBBBBTHHH!  (in case you wonder, that’s a raspberry).  

    • Hissss! Booo!

      Tough day today … trip to an orchard, cookies with my grandmother, charcoal-grilled steaks for dinner.  

  • Bijoyec

    Keep calm is falling off the whiteboard, stressing me out

  • Jebediah

    just wait until you get a case of the Lisa’s

    • Possible … and this has been anticipated.  But it won’t likely be weekly.  

  • Paul, we have a call right now… can you dial in? Paul? Paul? Where are you…