This ain’t gonna be your momma’s travel blog

14 Sep
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The date’s been set. We leave Chicago and start our adventure on October 1st. Once we’re doing this full time, we’ll be more disciplined about bringing you regular posts and interesting content. Aside from the typical travelogue, we’ll have a few regular features:

  • Lessons learned: in the hopes that you can learn from our mistakes, or at least laugh at them. Today’s would be something along the lines of “beggars can’t be choosers” but that’s another post.
  • Guest travel stories: we all know people who have done crazy, interesting things. We’ll share some of their tales and maybe feature a guest blogger or two.
  • Photo essays: we’ll even take requests.
  • Happy people interviews: we’re going to come across people who are doing what they love and loving every minute of it. We’ll try to discover their secrets and share them with you.
  • Camp recipes: we love to cook and will try to optimize a few recipes for the old Coleman that you can try out in your own backyard.
  • Local news dispatches: pick up a local newspaper (think Adirondack Express, not New York Times). Aside from the arrests and rat droppings in local eateries, what else is happening in the area? We’ll share any poignant and/or entertaining local news we come across, like this story about the end of bingo.
  • Wine immersion: I’m going to try my best to get wineries across the country to let me do something for free – harvest grapes, stomp grapes, clean tanks, hell, even quality control – aka tasting – in the hopes that I can cobble together an education on the road. Our next adventure will be getting our winery off the ground in our new location. We only think large.

Is there anything else you’d like to see featured regularly on Driving Inertia? Any other nationwide mystery that is begging to be solved? Leave it in the comments…