Bojangles’ Fried Chicken, the Best Fast Food in the South

1 May
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The West has In-N-Out. The Midwest has Culver’s. The East has Five Guys. And the South has Bojangles’. Burgers? No. Spicy fried chicken? Hell yes.

I was introduced to Bojangles’ in Charlotte, North Carolina during a business trip. I started with a biscuit. Yum. Then the sweet tea. Ok. Then the chicken. Spicy and delicious! That’s what makes Bojangles’ different than KFC and the others – it’s spicy, it has a kick. And the spiciness makes the sweet tea make a lot of sense. Alone, it’s a bit too sweet, too much. With the spicy chicken, it’s a perfect match.

In the Charlotte airport, people bootleg the stuff home as carry-on baggage. People love it that much. I like it a lot, but I’m not THAT addicted. But maybe we should get some for a snack this afternoon. Just a bite.

Bojangles' fried chicken, biscuit, cole slaw.

Bojangles' fried chicken, biscuit, cole slaw.