Who is this woman?

9 Apr
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“You know, I really like mornings. They’re so peaceful, and the light is amazing.”

True. Mornings are great. But LISA said that. After I pieced my exploded head back together, I looked back on the other signs of change.

In Indianapolis, she sampled a pickled egg without reservations or hesitation.

In Chicago, I suggested we go to a bar serving $0.30 wings for a pre-dinner snack and she was all for it — she ate 5.

When discussing beer with a friend, she confessed to liking Coors Light — this from a woman who formerly scorned all lager beers.

I don’t know how to explain it, but I like it.

Our tastes seem to be evolving. Our old kitchen had granite counters and stainless appliances. Now all I really want is a sink. And a counter free of bird poo. Hot water would be great but optional. Our condo in the city was nice, but the quiet of Death Valley is more magical.

I think it comes down to money. When we had money, we spent it to enjoy it. More expensive things were enjoyed more. Now that money is scarce, we look at pleasure differently. Mornings are pleasurable. A cold Coors Light is pleasurable (especially when pulling it from a cooler filled with nearly melted ice). Hot water is pleasurable.

I mean, most of us can push a lever and hot water flows magically out of our walls and into a sink that drains it away unseen. It’s damn amazing. But it’s pretty easy to take that for granted.

Coor Light. Coors Light???

Coor Light. Coors Light???