Top 3 Posts Lately: Burgers, Laptops, and Wine

29 Mar
Posted in: Travel
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I enjoy watching our popular posts shift around and jockey for position. For a long time, posts about our Merit 25 sailboat were on top thanks to Google and people looking for information about this boat via search. Lately, the post about travel computers has been on top, but it was recently dethroned. Here’s what’s at the top today and why:

  1. Culver’s vs. In-N-Out comparison post. This was a popular one when it went live, and it generated discussion on Facebook and Twitter. But when Joe over at Dappered posted it on Dappered’s Facebook wall, it pushed it into the #1 popular spot overnight.
  2. The best travel laptop post. This one has been popular on both StumbleUpon and Google search which is good because if somebody clicks through to purchase one of the computers, we get a couple bucks from Amazon. Unfortunately, nobody has pulled the trigger on getting a new Acer S3 Ultrabook through one of our links … yet.
  3. The best boxed wine post. Lisa made the bold call that Viña Borgia Garnacha is the best boxed wine in the world. When her scholarly research was posted onto the Tempranillo Facebook wall, it immediately rose up the rankings.

Will my Hearst Castle post ever crawl its way back to being #1? Probably not. But will we continue to be amazed at how people find our site in the future? Absolutely. Thanks for all the Facebook shares and Twitter retweets and Stumbles and comments. Part of the fun of travel is talking about it, and it’s great to be able to do that with the readers of our blog.