Our Travel Guidelines

8 Jul
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I don’t enjoy being dirty; I like to be clean.  Realizing that we need some sort of ground rules, some guidelines, to prevent petty arguments about bathing schedules, we’ve put together a simple list of travel guidelines.  These are the things we feel we must do to ensure our sanity:

  • Shower at least every other day.  Preferably every day.  Actual shower conditions are unimportant – can be $1 truck stop shower, quarter operated national park shower, solar heated bag shower, plush hotel shower.  Basic requirement: water in which to bathe.
  • Eat well and healthfully.  Cook healthy and tasty foods and keep packaged foods to a minimum.  Fast food will be a rare treat.  A complicated part of this guideline is that I really want to have yogurt for breakfast every morning.  This is strangely important to me.
  • Sleep well.  That bed had better be as comfortable as we can make it.
  • Do anything either one of us wants to do.  If Paul wants to stop at the Corn Palace, we will stop at the Corn Palace.  If I want to go to the Mormon thrift store, then damn it, I am going to the Mormon thrift store.  We won’t have anywhere to be, so we should be wherever we want.  We’ve got all the time in the world.
  • Cocktail hour is every night at 5pm (travel permitting).  Some sort of regular, daily schedule is necessary.  Cocktail hour involves the appropriate glasses, ice, a cocktail shaker, and skirting interstate open container laws.
  • Be productive.  Learn as much as possible.  Blog as much as possible.
  • Talk to people.  Don’t rely on the Google to tell us where to find the laundromat or farmer’s market or grocery store.
  • Schedule alone time.  No matter how much you like and love someone, 24 hours a day every day will soon become too much.

These guidelines should ensure our basic mental and physical health.  Topic of argument that remains open: driving skills.