Will We Be Able To Find Good Mexican Food In Burlington, Vermont?

2 Jun
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Burlington, Vermont has got it all — Lake Champlain, mountains, cheddar cheese, universal healthcare … and we’ll be there next week on a pre-big-trip exploratory mission. But does it have Mexican food?  We’ll see. Looking forward to finding out. We’ll slurp maple syrup, eat Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, drink Magic Hat beer, and hopefully find some tasty tacos.  There will be more pictures.

Crazy red barn EDITED
Creative Commons License photo credit: Chrissy Olson

  • creight

    it’s way out of the way, but three stones restaurant in brattleboro is one of the best mexican restaurants i’ve ever been to.

  • Pfbloom

    Short answer: no…. For good Mexican go to Santa Fe or San Diego. But for trendy bar food in Burlington, VT try the Bluebird Tavern on Riverside Ave, or the Bearded Frog in nearby Shelburne. Good bistro in town Burlington is Leunigs on the Church St. Marketplace….. pfbloom