The Best RV (Academy) Awards

26 Feb
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Here’s a collection of our favorite camping outfits to date in honor of the Academy Awards. We promise that none of these are campground hosts, who tend to build a little fort around their RV. Hosts don’t count, as they’re regular residents of each particular campground, not transient visitors. Take a look at the stuff that people lug around with them on vacation, in our favorite two categories: the most ridiculous supporting actor, and the awesomest, most covetable actress. Then, vote for your favorite.

The Most Ridiculous Supporting Actor

The flying RV.

The flying RV. It's very important to be level, even if you're parked on a bluff above the ocean in earthquake territory.

The millionaire's traveling circus.

The millionaire's traveling circus.

The dish.

The dish. I've now seen enough of these to know that the dish is a requirement for most RVers, but at the time, my mind was blown.

The rugged non-conformists.

The rugged non-conformists in the Sportsmobile. It's the dot-com millionaire's traveling circus.

The mog.

The Unimog. From Germany, driven by real Germans, parked in a campground near you. Capable of driving ANYWHERE, but hey, why push it?

The back of the unimog.

The back of the Unimog. A crowd of spectators gaped at this homage to over-preparation.


The Awesomest, Most Covetable Actress

A regular sportsmobile.

A regular Sportsmobile. Without all the other crap. Paul really wants one of these.

 The Sportsmobile website is much lower tech than the Sportsmobile itself.

The T@B.

The T@B. Lightweight, compact perfection.

T@B info — Paul accidentally calls them T&As. They’re just as sexy to some people.

The Airstream Bambi.

The Airstream Bambi. It can't get much cuter than this. Or more expensive.

Airstream Bambi floorplans and pricing…yes, there is a Design Within Reach version.