Why are there so many grumpy old men in Carmel, California?

24 Feb
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Seriously, what’s going on? First we get glared at from a gent in a Jaguar, then there’s the guy outside the Coach store that’s just so, so … unhappy. These guys look retired and rich and they’re in California in the sun where it’s 70 and cloud-free. Everybody here seems upset about something. What is it? They live down the street from Pebble Beach Golf Course and they seem pissed. Let’s all take a breath! Let’s chill out. Let’s be happy!

The old Carmel library.

The old Carmel library.

Man, we need amps more than ever before. Lisa’s camera’s almost dead, both our laptops are out of both lithium and ions and we need juice, Carmel. That’s all. Looks like that’s all we’ll get here, and thanks to the Harrison Library, we’ve got WiFi too. We’ve been to San Luis Obispo and are camped in Big Sur and we’re on our way to Paso Robles, but we need to do some research, need some ideas. We don’t want to just bounce around Paso Robles like we did in Temecula. We want good wine. Great wine, if they’re pouring it free. Maybe we’ll even buy a bottle or two.

So we’ll be here for an hour, just enough time to top off the batteries, top off the gas tank with gas priced below the Big Sur premium, but still premiumly priced, and maybe we’ll even have enough time to grab a sandwich before sundown so we don’t have to cook when we get back to camp.

Cheer up, Carmel! I’m sure your golf handicap is bound to improve.