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18 May
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You might not think of Faust as a travel story, but it is in essence exactly that — if one were to travel with the devil through a series of times and places, real and unreal, that is.  One of my goals for our trip is to read and re-read Faust until I truly understand it.  Any bets on how many reads it’ll take?

Until then, take this advice from our friend Mephistopheles, also known as the devil, as he tries to get Faust to take off on their grand adventure (and sell him his soul in exchange for eternal youth, I think —  TBD):

M: Cheer up!  Throw over all reflection,
And off into the world post-haste!
Take it from me; the slave of introspection
Is like a beast on arid waste
By some foul fiend led round and round,
While, all about, green meadowlands abound.

F: How do we set about it?

M: We set off, that’s all.